The Best Snorkeling In Thailand

Snorkeling in Thailand

Welcome to Thailand’s Best Snorkeling. Thailand is home to a huge number of amazing marine environments among its thousands of kilometers of coastline. Here at Thailand Snorkeling we try to bring you great resources for choosing the best snorkeling sites from among all the choices. The two most famous areas for snorkeling The Similan Islands and the Surin Islands. In addition you can find Koh Lipe, Koh Chang and Koh Tao information here. We will be bringing more and more information over time. If you would like to learn more about a specific snorkeling site in Thailand we will be happy to answer your questions! Whether you plan on doing one day trips or going for overnight adventures or visiting many different sites across the country - Thailand Snorkeling will be your resource! Remember that Thailand is a tropical country and affected by regional weather patterns. The West Coast of Thailand – the Andaman Sea – is severely affected by Monsoons from May through October. In the Gulf of Thailand the weather can be quite challenging in November and December.   =”I53″>

Similan Snorkeling Daytrips

Thailand Snorkeling Resources

Our page on Similan Snorkeling  is a great resource for finding the best places to snorkeling and well as the time of year. On our Surin Snorkeling page you can find our ideas for how to visit this very undervisited snorkeling spot. The whole of Thailand has great snorkeling and we will certainly be bringing many more resources for your selection. While the year-round water temperature is a wonderfully warm (27-28°C) means that snorkelers don’t need to wear wetsuits, though wearing a t-shirt is advised to prevent sunburn.

Thailand Snorkeling Marine Life

Located in the heart of South-East Asia and surrounded by the tropical waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the Indian Ocean – the waters are teeming with life. From the largest fish in the world – the plankton eating Whale Shark to the tiniest little fishies – like Nemo from “Finding Nemo”. Snorkeling in Thailand is a great experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. While the Similan and Surin Islands are the best Snorkeling sites in Thailand, we also provide information about tours to Phi Phi Islands, Tarutao and Koh Lipe! These all feature the diversity and excitement that make the West Coast of Thailand famous. The Gulf of Thailand also has many places to see and enjoy Whether you are here in December or July – we will provide you with the best snorkeling opportunities in Thailand!