The Best Snorkeling In Thailand

Similan Snorkeling Day Trips

Snorkeling the Similan Islands from our speedboat is a great way to spend your day in Paradise! Departing Everyday from November through May – you can join us for one day, two or as many as you wish!Your guides will meet you at your resort in the morning, let you know about the specific destinations to be expected and some information about safety and guidelines for safe snorkeling.

Before you can say “Green Sea Turtle” you’ll be on the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Similan Islands. A full morning of Snorkeling and exploring!
After a Buffet lunch of Thai delicacies we head off to one of the viewpoints for a scenic overview, then more snorkeling (or sunbathing if you prefer).
Back to your resort with plenty of time for a sunset drink overlooking the Andaman Sea. With visits to more than one site, chance to go on the islands and take pictures…this is one of the best ways to experience paradise.

Only 3500 Baht for Adults


Similan Snorkeling spots - Donald Duck Bay

If you can swim, you can put on a mask and start enjoying the wonderful sea creatures and the coral formations of the Andaman Sea. You will be able to float effortlessly and observe the feeding and courtship rituals of the reefs many residents.

Snorkeling is great entertainment for all member of the family no matter what the age. Be sure to protect yourself against the sun by using a waterproof sun block, especially on your shoulders and the backs of your legs.

We also have available for purchase several kinds of protective clothes designed for the tropical weather during your similan snorkeling day trip.